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* Ponysona - Ayza Gewgaw - unicorn mare, 

Ayza~ by Julunis14Cutie mark:Ayza's cutie mark - vector by Julunis14

* she's a bit taller and slimer than normal pony 
* she has a white five-armed star on her forehead under horn
* she loves to keep her mane 'loose'; her second favorite haristyle is high ponytail ^^
* she always wears her neclace *attention* these little rocks in heart-shaped pendant can glow in the dark in light blue color ;)

* she's really shy and quiet, she don't like crowds and no-knows ponies
* in group of friends she is cheerful, happy and can act a bit strange for her non-friends 
* she doesn't like to work in group, she want to do everything by herself, she's determined, but she's doing almost everything at the last minute

Interesting facts:
* she has a white deaf she-cat named Inka
* she's 16; still lives with grandma, grandpa, mother and young brother
* she has boyfriend named Historic Madness 
* she loves listening to music and watch gameplays, and play games. 
* she can play on guitar and keybord, can drive on waveboard and like being outside
* she loves crips/chips, popcorn, chocolate, cakes... ;3
* she loves kitties, puppies, butterflies and everything's cute <3

Arts from others (with Madness :heart:):
[PC]Julunis14 by Gela98Ayza and Historic Madness by Siinys

Arts (alone):
I PROMISE SHE ISN'T HIGH by HunterBookie[PC] Ayza by Mufflinka

* OC - Tina Lucky-Star - pegasus mare

Valentina (without background) by Julunis14I'm the cuttest pony EVER~! [Tina] by Julunis14 Cutie Mark - T3iqOZi by Julunis14

* she has long mussed yellow-gold mane and tail - always "loose", but sometimes she keep her hair in ponytail
* she always wear red neclace with gold heart - it's a kind of wedding "ring" :P
* she's a normal mare pegasus growth. She's slim and athletic. 

* she can be sometime impulsive and aggressive
* she's fearless, sensitive and reackless
* She doesn't like to make contact with strangers
* She will do anything to protect her family
* She is very jealous of her husband ;3
* She is a bit overprotective to her younger daughter

Interesting facts:
* she is 24 years old
* she has husband - Twinkle Lucky-Star (unicorn) and two daughters - Rapid Feather (unicorn, 16 yo [she was magically grown up xd]) and Florist Lucky-Star (pegasus, 5 yo)
I love you by Julunis14grzywa by Julunis14(young Rapid) Bez tytuu by Julunis14(Florist)

* her full name is Valentina Anastasia Bratyslawa Lucky-Star (formely Lucky Swan; Star is husband's surname)
* she is princess Luna first guard
* she has arachnofobia and she's afraid of syringes xD
* she has a lot of accidents in army, but she's still fit and healthy
* her favorite quote is " I can't do this? I CAN'T DO THIS?! Shut up and hold my cider!" 
* she was turned into unicorn once by her 3-yo unicorn filly for one week xD
* she almost die during her second filly childbirth

Art from others:
Pointy Pony-AT-ValenTina Lucky Star by DarkKnightPLTwinkle and Tina by astobat[AT]Valentina by Gela98

* OC - Orion Light - pegasus mare

My new OC - Orion Light by Julunis14Orion Light - refference sheet + no shading ver. by Julunis14
* she is... colourfull as f... xD

* she's reckless, aggressive, vulgar, impatient, touchy, sometimes restored to violence (in crowds/place she don't know good)
* she's sometimes nice and can help to poor or tormented ponies
* she hates children (xD)
* in foreign places she wears black cape with hood to hide her apperance
* she hates dresses, cute things etc.

Interesing facts:
* she is 22 now
* she has a coltfriend named Soul Shade - unicorn from the future
Request - Cyberpunk Pony - Soul Shade by Julunis14
* she has a younger, 4-years old stepsister named Vivian (she has "robot" eye because of accident) who is really annoying and have to live with Orion and Soul in their house for a year of two, 'cause their mother is in hospital
Vivian (normalne oko xD) by Julunis14
* her mother is unicorn, her dad is unicorn, but her dad's dad was pegasus xD
* she's a blank flank
* she can use little knifes and machete
* she's very fast runner and flier

Arts from others:
Contest prize 3rd place by AdalbertusJulunis14-Orion Light (FD) by Lyx-DOrion Light - first light by Rariedash
Artsy Mail: Julunis14 by xKarka

*OC - Trateeki - pegasus mare

Trateeki by Julunis14Peacock By Siinys-d8b73cx by Julunis14

* she has two-colored feathers in wings and few white dots on her neck.
* she's taller than normal pony (Luna's growth) and she has bigger wings.
* her tail is really long and it's made of feathers. She can "open" it like real peacock

* she's serious, indulgent, conscientious, proud, elegant
* she like to laught with friends but within normal range
* she sometimes like to drink drink (xD)
* she waks with grace and doesn't care about her different apperance

Interesing facts: 
* she is single ;3
* she is peacock expert, biology teacher in high school in Canterlot. She sometimes work as tour guide in Canterlot Birds Sanctuary
* she loves to overdress oneself .3.
* she loves birds and insects

Arts from others:
[AT] Trateeki by Mici124Trateeki by HunterBookiePc: Julunis14 by hafirelle

* OC - Princess Obornika - unicorn/alicorn mare

[OC] Princess Obornika by Julunis14

* she is the growht of princess Luna
* she has longer ears than other ponies
* her back hooves are light brown, right front hoof is covered by mud
* her horn is broken in half and covered in mud, but she can do magic. When do it, brown mark on her forehead is glowing white
* she has glowing necklaces on her mane - it's her regalia
* she has light purple eyes
* she's always smiling :)

* she's cheerfull, open for new friends, helpful, honest and fair
* sometimes she's too overprotective and she quickly can became scared and sad because of defeat...
* she's really modest - she won't wearing crown or rigraf, just necklaces on her mane

Interesting facts:
* she's long-lived
* she's the princess of Oborniki Śląskie - little town near Equestria. Her history is in the description of picture.
* On the "Days of Oborniki" she always organise Dance Competition. The winner takes cyder without limits for these days and can dance with her hers favorite dance - Belgijka
* her CM is the emblem of Oborniki Śląskie - real town in Poland.
* she is the mascot of this town x3
* she can turn herself in alicorn - then white big wings grow from hers back and she can fly for sometime, but her magic is limited then.
* she can help plants to grow
* her nickname is Iglak

Arts from others:
[AT] Julunis14 by Gela98

* OC - Micen - mouse-pony stallion

[OC] Micen - the Mousepony by Julunis14

* he has mouse muzzle, ears and tail.
* he can transform himself into mouse - he is all brown then.
* when he's ouside he wear black cape
* he's of grwoth of normal pony, but slimmer than others.
* he has "fluffies" on his coat :heart:

* he's secretive, he don't want anybody to know how he looks
* before him transformation, he was normal unicorn pony and was really opened to others and friendly. Now his introverted.
* he's scared of that, what other ponies and his family would think about his apperance
* he was really talented with magic unicorn and loves animals, especially mouses and rats. He has studies about these creatures and want to be a proffesor.

Interesting facts:
* he was a milkman and owner of milk factory. His cutie mark was bootle of milk and cheese.
* he wanted to turn himself into mouse by ancient spell, but something goes wrong and now he's a hybrid. He can't magic without transform himself to mouse and mose-pony back and using simple telekinesis
* he has in his house big spinning-wheel to run in it as 'pony'
* he can talk in mouse language

Arts from others:
coming soon~

*OC - Playa - mare unicorn

Playa and Carlos by Julunis14

* she has longer than other unicorn horn and longer ears
* she always wear earring with pink feather, which belong to her mother or father
* she has white mane and tail and pink eyes
* her cutie mark is flycather plank in flowerpot

* she is peaceful, she's hardly going crazy, sometimes have depression, often overwhelmed by her melancholy
* she likes small events and parties
* she loves spend time alone, only with Carlos and plants in Garden
* she prefer to be alone and sad rather than be with friends and be happy
* she's careful for plants and trees, even for ponies sometimes xD
* she isn't afraid of risk

Interesting facts:
* she has a blue hairy fluffly thingy named Carlos (Karlos), she brought him from west border of Equestria on one of her trips. Carlos has really big blue eyes and only two sticky-hands with three fingers on one (xD)
* she was adopted by two unicorns, teachers in Canterlot Celestia's School for Talented Unicorns
* she was expelled from that schoo, because she can't do magic - only simple telekinezis.
* her parents are two pegasus, who left her at fillies' house after her birth. Pink feather which is Playa's earring belongs to her mother or father
* she is traveling over Equestria

Arts from others:
Pc Julunis by Catkotek

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